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Cosmetics lipstick big data report cosmetics has become a new luminescent spot market local brand advantage and opportunities

by:Kazshow     2020-09-01
Alibaba recently teamed up with 'new consumption trend in China' issued by the Boston consulting group report, from 2016 In 2021, the new generation ( 00 after / 80/90) Spending power of the compound growth rate of 11%, year-on-year growth rates in a generation, more than twice. At the same time the growth of the new generation contribution ratio of 69%, and the generation contribution ratio is only 31%. To protect skin to taste, for example, a new generation of consumers, 30% of people will put forward 5 kinds of demand, and points out that the four kinds of product characteristics, and a generation involves only two kinds of demand, to mention one kind of product characteristics. According to the report of ali quality index, & other; After the end of 80 and 90 & throughout; Has become the new force in the quality of consumption in China, upgrade speed increase nearly 8 in five years. 7 points.

young people's creativity, and spending is much higher than a generation ago, the development of Chinese cosmetic industry is both opportunity and challenge. On the one hand, grasp the millennial generation consumer appetite, actively create a mutual discourse, stimulate consumption potential; Application, on the other hand, the creativity of the millennial generation for own use, promote the brand internal young power, both work together in the upgrade and innovation of cosmetics brands, more show for the consumer to upgrade the national unified caliber. Therefore, iresearch consulting issued 2017 women consumption upgrading trend insights, we found that in & other; Consumption upgrade & throughout; Unified caliber, the Chinese women's consumption psychology and some of the changes trend. Among them, beauty makeup industry show that the trend is most obvious, and the counterpart red choice in & other; Consumption upgrade & throughout; The most representative. According to the report, in 2016 - In 2017, the Chinese skin care and make-up of the online market entry & other; Stock throughout the &; Phase. Facial skin care line sales two forty growth to reach the 13. 2%, while makeup forty two growth up to 23. %, and the present condition of the skin care and make-up category overall market is saturated, lipstick makeup product become break category maintain strong growth, the associated with the ability of new lipstick constantly. Whether it's fashion colour, update or classic lasting appeal and lipstick appearance change, can in a short period of time for each brand to create a certain concentration and traffic. Based on tao is lipstick makeup lipstick makeup online monitoring data, in China, 24 - Accounts for 35 people in the workplace than increase, the lipstick lipstick usage scenario is more diversified, this also means that lipstick repeat purchase rate is different from different brand coverage in skin care and other cosmetics products, according to the report, Chinese female consumers purchase per person a year, three different color lipstick color is focused on red and red series, and the points belong to two different brands. At the same time, under the age of 23, according to data from the consumers, more can accept consumer premium population accounts for about 3 into continuously, set limit to, cooperation, holiday & hellip; … The ubiquitous business opportunity and value; It is important to note that in the data statistics found that male lipstick protects skin to taste the increase of the buyer, or to a certain extent to improve the quality of whole people for the pursuit of feeling. 2014 - In 2016, two forty men's skin care sales growth of 38. 8%, compared with the facial skin care and cosmetics such as stock market depends on the structural upgrade drive their growth. Consumers on the counterpart red brand choice, however, reveal the local brands imperfections is remarkable: consumer can upgrade the fundamental to promote local brand in the consumer market and improve competitiveness show? According to the report, 2015 - Q1 2017, 23 - Under the age of 27, consumer choice of lipstick brand is Korea more affordable brand, such as fresh, yidi house, innisfree, etc. , each brand style, each has its selling points. 28 - People aged 35 to choose brand has obvious trend of high-end European and American brands, such as YSL, armani, etc. , but the appearance of show quite a surprise. So, in the repeat purchase rate is high and the brand covers broad category, how to realize products have differentiation advantage and stand out in the hot category, not only need to follow the speed, more need the courage to innovation. As brands, are you still hesitating for whether colour makeup products? Market data will not deceive people, follow the market tuyere can become industry brands to break, skin care cosmetics, high-end skin care, courtyard line of skin care, shampoo, washing products have become over the past decade, the importance of brands, has become a piece of the red sea, in the make-up of the rise of the tide now, the processing make-up series of products is the true blue ocean market, look forward to working with you together create makeup product profit hot products. The processing cosmetics processing, cosmetics OEM, cosmetics, cosmetics factory, cosmetics OEM, cosmetics OEM, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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