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Cosmetics generation processing | cosmetics luxury aim at parity route

by:Kazshow     2020-09-12

cosmetics market's unceasing development, the present has been & other; After the luxury & throughout; Era ( The mid-market) , the price under $20 products to more market competitiveness, make-up generation processing factory below small make up together with you to understand it.

Lightspeed Venture Partners, a partner Nicole Quinn said. She has also invested in Lady Gaga to create beauty makeup product brand Haus Laboratories, the brand on the Amazon to launch in September last year. Haus Laboratories product price is not cheap, lip gloss $18, is currently on the market the company's best-selling products category 7 times the price of lip makeup product gloss.

consumers to purchase cosmetics products from the market, will be able to reflect, change the main force in the end of the market consumption, and in the end the consumer market is in constant growth, so the makeup of the mid-market, earn seize the focus will be the big brands.

affordable luxury is usually refers to some cheap products, they used the excellent marketing strategy, let the consumer when buying these products can produce the same ecstasy and buy luxury goods. Due to the demand of the market is changing, already has a lot of luxury cosmetics brand aimed at parity route.

so interested in cosmetics industry, the market competition, my friends, at this time, should grab makeup the mid-market is fast rise time, quickly occupy the market. Colour makeup generation processing production, choose guangzhou Dillon cosmetics, more close.

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