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Cosmetics generation processing | cosmetics live with goods incoming surge, distribution and other parts to be perfect

by:Kazshow     2020-09-26

for cosmetics industry, live band is very popular way of selling goods, because of the influence of the outbreak in 2020, to live with shipment is more popular. In the live broadcast at the same time take the goods into the bureau is also by a group of offline entity enterprise and related personnel to live with a cargo of is higher, make-up generation processing factory below small make up together and you know it.

in 2020, the outbreak of the & other; Curtilage economy & throughout; Let live take goods more hot, a batch of offline entity enterprise and related personnel began influx studio and into a new host. However, the current special period of the supply of goods and logistics to some extent wreck, for the live band bring certain influence.

a retail analysts said, under the influence of the outbreak, the habit of people online shopping will be fostered, live with cargo will face diversification development. “ Logistics and supply adequate as a primary measure of the users, if the platform can improve logistics efficiency, guarantee the supply chain, explore reservation system, fully preemptable home business model. ”

this relatively new sales way, is a very good sales mode, but the distribution of parts need to be perfect, such ability can let live take goods have better development.

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