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Cosmetics factory | makeup industry takeover cases in the United States

by:Kazshow     2020-09-11

in the acquisition of takeover and business is a very normal thing, in the beauty industry brand the takeover is also normal, however, in another Australian beauty makeup brand was bought recently, cosmetics factory below small make up take you know.

private equity Point King Capital acquired Australian vegan beauty brand Esmi Skin Minerals parent a minority stake in the Cartel, the terms of the deal did not disclose.

Point King has also invested in Poni Cosmetics. Industry sources said the Esmi is expected to achieve sales of about $15 million in 2020.

Esmi birth from the founder, victor & middot; Hess ( Evette Hess) Of experience in the clinical environment, customers usually after treatment repair a makeup product, make the skin looks better, but in fact will weaken the role of treatment to repair. In the end, she invented a kind of mineral powder products, can not only make up block defect, and can protect the skin. The current product line has been extended to the field of skin care.

product will be sold at present mainly in Australia, as well as into Russia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada market. In Point King team's help, the next step is a global expansion of Esmi, and multi-channel.

so beauty makeup industry's potential is infinite, in a recent although is affected by the epidemic, beauty makeup product influenced by a certain market, but still optimistic about the beauty makeup product market prospects.

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