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Cosmetics factory | enterprises will produce big fashionable beauty makeup mask to join the army of resistance to disease

by:Kazshow     2020-09-23

Europe because of the influence of the outbreak, a lot of disease resistant materials production enterprises, have turned to production and resistance to disease, below small make up take you know about the makeup product processing manufacturer.

in Europe many luxury goods, and supply chain related and related enterprises, to production and resistance to disease, up to now beauty makeup product companies joined the army.

war Europe's resistance to disease. Beijing time on March 23, according to Reuters, based in Italy Kerring ( Open cloud group) , said its Balenciaga ( Balenciaga) 和Yves Saint Laurent( Yves saint Laurent) The two luxury companies will start to produce masks, to alleviate shortages crisis.

the group said, technology and material of yves saint Laurent and balenciaga has entered the review stage, once get approval, will immediately start production. At the same time, the group brand Gucci ( Gucci) Production and donated 1. 1 million masks and 5. 50000 medical protective clothing for Italy.

the beauty makeup such as perfume production workshop into a hand sanitizer, mask, such as production line, is not the first open cloud group. Just last week, headquartered in Paris, France, the world's biggest luxury group LVMH has let's Dior perfume factory hand sanitizer, and free Assistance to the French authorities and Europe's largest medical institutions Publique - 何 Pitaux DE Paris.

an enterprise specializing in producing fashion accessory for luxury brands, Italy Waycap company, currently has transformed plant for the production of respirators factory. The company said it plans to civil defense and Italy a region with 100000 thing every day waterproof cotton-padded jacket.

l 'oreal says the world's largest beauty makeup group, began using brand factory production of a large number of hand sanitizer, including La Roche Posay will to hospitals, nursing homes and the main cooperation pharmacies across Europe distribution alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Garnier will also provide millions of tubes of hand sanitizer to European customers.

this time, because the disease resistant requirements of many companies cross-border production and resistance to disease, let people for beauty makeup the enterprise have a new understanding.

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