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Cosmetics factory | cosmetics online buy buy buy phenomenon is hot

by:Kazshow     2020-09-08

due to the influence of the outbreak, according to the data shows, the cosmetics in the Chinese market search volume is around 30 January bottomed out, but now the phenomenon of buy buy buy now is hot, cosmetics factory below small make up take you know together.

as domestic new crown pneumonia outbreak has become increasingly stable, cosmetics consumption in our country is gradually restored. Reporter noticed that during the outbreak, produced some new cosmetics market consumption phenomenon.

although the outbreak period, people never leave home, but online all kinds of network marketing channel, has become a main sales, so during the period of the outbreak, the major platform beauty makeup product release data, online beauty makeup is a booming market. Data show that China's search for cosmetics and personal care products quantity about bottom on January 30, on February 10th rebound to the level before the outbreak.

a lot of big data analysis shows that although the still wearing a mask, but lipstick makeup is still firmly beauty makeup item out first. In addition, the eyes become & other; Half a makeup product face & throughout; Beauty's center of gravity, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil out another half of the top 10. Within 30 days, according to data from the past, a number of eye shadow search year-on-year growth of 370%. The cosmetics market in the online buy buy buy phenomenon is very hot.

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