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Cosmetics factory | beauty makeup the start-up of the incoming tide

by:Kazshow     2020-09-13

in recent years, the domestic cosmetics industry is developing very rapidly, so there are a number of entrepreneurs and venture capital are entering the industry, in the industry, some want to opportunistic, but there are a lot of people really want to do the product, these young people use their power to break the inherent impression of Chinese beauty makeup product, people blow to the industry into the fresh air. Cosmetics factory below small make up take you know together.

Angel Eyes by former pearl raya electricity CEO founded researh material - 11, researh material - 11 has nearly 8 years of experience in electrical contractor and 4 a advertising company background, the successful operation of p&g's multiple brand electric business, and Watson and Korean companies such as electricity project. Angel Eyes at the core of the team about the house and Chen Zijian two members, the team made up of 80 after a small team in front of the entrepreneurial business experience accumulated a lot of electricity.

as a result, a new brand Angel Eyes at the beginning of the birth and chose Tmall channel, the product is introduced in the first paragraph of the lion highlights, highlights the powdery cake carved with a fine 3 d the lion.

there are three color highlights, ginger, silvery white pearl color warm powder polarized light color, the product sells for 149 yuan. Angel Eyes products new can once every two months, the next will for facial makeup product product launches.

makeup product of this industry, with good prospects, there are many entrepreneurs into the industry business, in the face of growing cosmetics market, has a good prospect for cosmetics entrepreneur.

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