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Cosmetics brand out of competition in the next few years cosmetics products advantages

by:Kazshow     2020-09-02
A theory, the author is make-up fashion theory, metaphor is to colour makeup become a fashion person face. Because the colour makeup effect on the surface of the skin, pay attention to fashion, charm, the cool, trendy; But compared to protect skin to become food for the people, emphasizes the nutrition, comfortable, safe and effective. If this theory holds true, so our makeup sales to catch up with skin care products and even beyond to protect skin to taste is completely necessary. As the saying goes: food, clothing, shelter, line. Clothing is row in front of the food, enough clothes is more important than food, and cosmetics also does is more important than skin care in the future. Some might object to this view, what makes clothes is more important than food? Since our ancestors of wisdom so that must be reasonable. People in a civilized society, have certain material base, the basic requirements such as diet, with the protection of the other levels of consumption of natural increase. First clothes is to cover shame, rice can temporarily endure, can do not have a meal a day, still go to work, go shopping. So if one day don't wear clothes, so to work and go out, must be considered to be locked up, he had a mental problem one day also live not bottom go to, civilization era, the static left clothes. Society in the future, cosmetics must become the necessities of life, make up in daily life and social indispensable procedures, then the element face down out of the door, can also is similar to not wear clothes to accepted by people. The second dress is beautify decorate people, basic physiological than easily satisfied, and the high-level pursuit is endless, clothes than food more attractive to invest. So we see a common girl buy clothes bag is more willing to spend money, than to eat the truth in this. So in material life at a certain stage of development, the clothes will surpass the importance of food, cosmetics sales will surpass to protect skin to taste. Also, use again good to protect skin to taste is more difficult to curb the appearance of aging, also must use makeup to cover and decorate, and even can't be beautiful beautiful girl also need to use colour makeup for the icing on the cake. So, colour makeup contains a huge potential, is worth us to explore, to discover. Colour makeup product for now that people have similar and fashion, the design innovation will largely determine the fate of colour makeup. In the following two aspects: first, the external design innovation; This is especially the key, they speak & other; Goods sold a piece of leather & throughout; This is especially true, is to sell packaging, colour makeup. Cosmetics sales step is consumers see the counter image first, and then to a nearby see product image, product packaging, and then open to fashion, satisfactory before a purchase. It is for fashion design. Whether design is trendy, popular, is always the first, or even the most solid durable, quality again good also of no help. Even denim, price under the condition of the same quality, consumers will choose the a good-looking. Each of the major frequency, world conference, new product, the dizzying, individual clothing avant-garde style, even let people dumbfounded, or let a person, or showily elegance, or enchanting sexy, or nostalgic restoring ancient ways, or alternative bizarre. Lin Lin always, multifarious, created the myth of the fashion industry, to stimulate the consumption of the women. Instead of colour makeup product design is lack of too many, every year only a few big colour makeup can do a few popular of makeup look, launch several new products every year, launched a few color and the material body. Cosmetics products in the domestic market but also the same, no characteristic and culture, a piece of pure, the entire design innovation seems to place out in infancy, good performance, of course. So good packing natural need to elaborate a high level of design. Have been friends more than several times mentioned, to the author for colour makeup product research and development with the designer, but the talented person, every family in the search for, a daughter is hard to find. The lack of talent is also restricted the design level can't improve fast. Second, the culture and the connotation of innovation design; This is the soul of the brand, there is no culture and connotation of products, is equal to the lack of the soul, to lu xun's ah Q, no facial expression, seems to be only one head dragged a braid. Deep connotation of fashion, contains the rich elements and cultural concept, present the idea of the designer, not ordinary people can taste and appreciate, this also is the reason why the general public is very difficult to appreciate fashion. In contrast, makeup product, a piece of design, most of the domestic cosmetics at the blank stage. No independent of culture and background, is only the mechanical products comply with international brands, more don't talk about innovation. Such a high achievement brand even if sales have temporarily, also is very fragile, because there is no unique feature, it is easy to imitate and beyond. On the contrary, domestic had such a makeup, is famous for its good at design, no media advertising, has done are flawed, an uptick in sales, as a line of domestic cosmetics brand. 's a dozen designers, from color to packaging and display, all of its own, to the cosmetics industry is blowing a gale of fresh, swept away most of the make-up of the square and rigid, impressive. Predictably, the brand in the next few years, certainly beyond domestic so-called line, vitality unstoppable. In my opinion, is to focus on design innovation.

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