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Colour makeup processing | south Korean cosmetics in the case of trade disputes with Japan, is still a substantial increase

by:Kazshow     2020-09-06

in South Korea to Japan's decline in exports in the overall reduction of cases, the south Korean cosmetics is out of the strange land in rapid growth, and growth rate reached 29. 2%, colour makeup product processing factory below small make up take you know together.

due to South Korea and Japan in the trade dispute, which resulted in the overall the South Korea to Japan's export commodities fell, south Korean women consumers to K - lift day Beauty goodwill degrees. Cosmetics export has increased 29. 2%, K - The strength of the Beauty.

especially TWICE, Black, Pink and so on women's idol group in Japan become a Beauty Icon, K - is expected Beauty will maintain the growth momentum for the time being.

so at this level when the era in appearance, cosmetics is a part of life can not lack, as long as the promotion and marketing in place, under the condition of the economic and trade is not ideal, can still reverse growth, to create new cosmetics brand is the same reason.

because of adherence to the appearance of the level of age, who need to have a good looking face. The above content from guangzhou cosmetics factory, cosmetics OEM processing factory, lipstick makeup product processing factory small make up to sort out.

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