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Colour makeup processing | Kim kardashian or to push the cooperation with coty beauty makeup products

by:Kazshow     2020-09-05

beauty makeup product has been in the life, is one of the focus of attention, especially under the environment of live in the moment to take goods, beauty makeup by high heat was focused on innovation, colour makeup processing factory below small make up and together with you.

last Wednesday, the latter announced with reality star Kim & middot; Kim kardashian discussion cooperation beauty make-up series. But cottee said, cannot guarantee that both sides can reach an agreement or cooperation, also did not provide any further details.

there last year to $600 million to buy the west half-brother Sister Carrie & middot; Jenna ( Kylie Jenner) Kylie beauty makeup brand Cosmetics, now has a majority stake in the company.

but in Forbes charges after jenna false financial data, coty, kelly and brand recently under review. Gold & middot; Kim kardashian also has its own Beauty makeup product brand KKW Beauty, at present, the brand has entered the domestic.

so gold & middot; Kim kardashian or push the cooperation with coty beauty makeup product products, whether can reach a cooperation, what amazing beauty makeup products, we have to wait and see!

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