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Colour makeup processing | in the first quarter shiseido fell 17. 1%

by:Kazshow     2020-09-07

today is another year, affected by the outbreak, the sales turnover has slipped, shiseido in the Chinese market is not equal to idea, cosmetics factory below small make up take you know together.

on May 12, shiseido issued in the first quarter of 2020 financial reports, shiseido, achieve sales of 2268. 900 million yen ( RMB 15 billion) 。

due to the influence of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, fell 17. 1%, excluding currency impact slide 15. 8%, excluding acquisitions & other; Drunk Drunk Elephant Elephant & throughout; The influence of the brand, the actual sales fell 16. 4%.

also influenced by the overall market environment deteriorated sharply, shiseido, realize the operating profit in the first quarter 4. 300 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 83. 3%. Mother to net zero. 900 million yuan, compared with the reduction of 95. 8%.

among them, the Chinese market sales of 29. 400 million yuan, fell to 15. 2%, the operating profit of 3. 500 million yuan, fell 59. 3%. And in the same period last year, the Chinese market sales up 15% from a year earlier. In Chinese business group total sales accounted for 19. 2%, with the same period last year.

because of the influence of the outbreak, the sales downturn is a normal phenomenon. But in this case, to expand online social broadcast channels, also let many brand obtained benefits.

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