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Colour makeup processing | electric business platform double tenth a start time less than two hours, cosmetics brand sales have breakthrough

by:Kazshow     2020-09-10

a shopping festival has become a double tenth annual shopping festival, every year a new high, makeup is not exceptional also this year, on November 11, 0 points in the past 1 hour and 24 minutes, only an electric business platform of colour makeup product products sales volume data is broke through 2018 pairs of 11 records throughout the day.

according to electric business platform, according to data from the sparrow gazelles in double 11 shopping festival opening after 10 minutes, clinch a deal the breakthrough, l 'oreal breakthrough after 11 minutes, perfect diary breakthrough after 13 minutes. Diary is perfect for two consecutive years become Tmall pair of 11's first colour makeup brand of home products.

makeup brand in the double tenth sales data, market development potential is very good, every innovation high sales volume, also shows that the base of the domestic cosmetics group is very big.

electric business platform also said that l 'oreal, estee lauder and lancome first declared turnover milestone. Booking on the first day, estee lauder China warehouse 410000 bottles of little brown bottle of eye cream has sold out of stock, the equivalent of Chinese consumers to buy off the little brown bottle in one day eye cream nearly 20% of global sales.

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