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Colour makeup processing | beauty makeup products can also be sold to men there may be more business opportunities

by:Kazshow     2020-09-20

in traditional the inherent thinking, beauty makeup product products are selling women friends, but the development of male beauty makeup product market, have more business opportunities. Colour makeup processing factory small make up take you to go out.

Allure web site of the new media director Sam Escobar on Twitter to vent. This writes the tweets & other; Even though everyone in the beauty industry to launch nonsexual brand, but no one said to me which should correspond to the personal pronoun. ” This article content quickly a large number of forwarding, received 2300. As early as four years ago, declared himself is asexual others Escobar added: & other; My inbox often see & lsquo; Samantha: hello & rsquo; 、《; Hello ms & rsquo; 、《; Today is the best friend section & rsquo; This kind of words, really a little glare. ”

Escobar said: & other; I really want to know, now the brand has become more and more attention to gender inclusive, more and more multimedia in reporting on me, is it because they put me into the gender in the list of media. ”

according to a new report from the Pew Research survey, more than a third of the millennial generation customers tend to use neutral pronouns, the beauty industry is still in the Research how to talk about sex. Although many of the big beauty makeup product brand on the packaging and marketing has obvious & other; Men & throughout; Or & other Women & throughout; Features, but it is in the launch of new products when they no longer the same emphasis on gender audience & ndash; — Even some brand public praise highly the concept of gender flow.

' Gender inclusiveness is an important development in the makeup industry, it can be defined as a minority, for those who have marginalized groups of customers with better service. ” Escobar said, & other; The customer has been, and they especially like makeup, but they support the industry seldom thank them.

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