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Colour makeup live source | shiseido discover new anti-aging raw materials

by:Kazshow     2020-09-23
In the development of beauty industry, and continuously research and development is the norm, so in the recent beauty makeup product industry brand shiseido research, found that two new anti-aging raw materials, cosmetics live source factory below small make up take you know together. Newly discovered two types of anti-aging raw materials are neem leaf ( 印楝叶) And color leaf ( 变色龙叶) In the extracts. Shiseido research department in the latest study of skin capillaries and found that the expression of molecules (in the capillaries can & other; Perception & throughout; The surrounding skin elasticity and control the thickness of the capillary. Through experiments in different levels of skin elastic model, the team found that the thickness of the capillary could be (increase or decrease the influence of the expression. In addition, the team through control in the low elasticity of the skin model (expression level, and successfully produced the thicker the capillaries. The researchers also found another called vascular endothelial calcium mucin ( VE- cadherin) Molecules can promote adhesion between endothelial cells to enhance blood vessels. Research team believes that people endothelial calcium mucin capillary will become thinner and degradation. Again using the skin model, the researchers found that endothelial mucin reduce calcium can reduce the skin elasticity, which proves that thick and strong capillary is vital for the development of elasticity of the skin. According to shiseido, due to aging and ultraviolet radiation damage or reduce the capillary is one of the root cause of skin aging. And neem leaf extract can significantly increase (expression level, the other is a heartleaf houttuynia herb or discoloration leaf extract, through in vitro study observed the extracts can promote vascular endothelial calcium mucin production. Shiseido, therefore, that these ingredients to maintain the capillaries and & other; Restore the elasticity of your skin from inside to outside. ” The discovery of new materials, for skin care beauty makeup product for the birth of a new skin care product rate, so looking forward to bring what amazing product? To be together!
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