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Colour makeup generation processing | this brand again hair care series more than 40 years

by:Kazshow     2020-09-17

40 years, there are no products, to launch new product again after 40 years, take a look at the below 40 years to the brand name of hair care series, below small make up together and you know the colour makeup product generation plant.

Johnson &johnson brand neutrogena recently announced the hair care series & ndash; — Neutrogena Health Scalp, and said, hoping to turn & other Skin care science & throughout; To the building of hair care products.

the product developed by cooperation of neutrogena and Vogue, aims to provide hair & other Skin care & throughout; 。 The series is introduced: 4 shampoo by made from hyaluronic acid ingredients of shampoo, conditioner shampoo; In view of the oily scalp to keratin shampoo; In view of the sensitive scalp cleansing shampoo; Moisturizing shampoo for dry scalp.

neutrogena, general manager of Kerry Sullivan said, 40 years ago, neutrogena zero residual shampoo for the first time into the hair care market, and get a lot of the love of consumers. The skin nursing experience accumulated for a long time, our new launch on scalp healthy new products.

' At present, 78% of consumers think that skin and hair care is also important. ” Vogue north American senior marketing director, Hanan Wajih said, & other; Two years, we will be the demand for a variety of scalp care series to the market, joint new consumer demand. ”

this series of 4 item in wal-mart stores, neutrogena, said in January next year there will be a larger preview.

this time of the launch of the hair care products, can bring the experience of what kind of surprise? Let's continue to focus on the development of dynamic!

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