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Colour makeup generation processing | the Chinese cosmetics market situation how?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-04

although colour makeup product is not necessary in life, but in the face of time, makeup is a life important requirements, the current domestic cosmetics market presents a hot situation, South Korea's export to the domestic cosmetics trend growth.

skincare products exports tentative value is $4. 64 million in December, 19 year-on-year growth. 7%. , according to South Korea to China, Japan and Hong Kong, China exports increased 23 respectively. 8%, 55. 7% and 16. 2%.

from South Korea's exports to China's growth, cosmetics giant cosmetics market, has a good prospect for the demand of colour makeup product or.

demand shows a tendency of demand, so this time the domestic cosmetics brands, power is a good opportunity to occupy more market share, and the rest of the time also is a cosmetics industry busy season, so the colour makeup product generation processing production, the order is also relatively saturated, want to season in the market to occupy the market opportunities, need to find good make-up generation processing factory production in advance.

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