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Colour makeup generation processing | south Korean cosmetics why growth in China?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-08

south Korean cosmetics in China for three consecutive years accounted for imported first throne, but in 2019 than the first, and this is the reason why let south Korean cosmetics in China encounter cold, stagnant?

JingJiWang according to China on December 19, 2019, consulting information, south Korean cosmetics ceded China imported cosmetics sales champion for three consecutive years. According to statistics, five major importers of cosmetics, China was the lowest on south Korean imports of growth, only 14%, and makeup product, makeup, beauty makeup cosmetics increased more than 30% abroad, such as the UK cosmetics by more than 60%. South Korean cosmetics in the Chinese market in a double tenth, 12-12 lists have been revealed.

south Korean cosmetics in the chilly there is a big reason, is the influence of Korean culture output and sales generational shift consumption idea, consumption mainstay upgrades, gradually to a more high-end cosmetics, fashion, personality, and so on step has increased the demand for Japan, Europe and the United States cosmetics,

in a comprehensible discourse, is lead to backward is not seize the needs of consumers.

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