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Colour makeup generation processing | sales 38 bottles of dazzling a minute

by:Kazshow     2020-09-26

in the beauty industry, sales of the products is often determines the soft power of the brand, a minute 38 bottles of sales, is a very brilliant achievement, and make-up co-packer below small make up together to get to know, is what product, have so much sentiment.

pearl raya double small night light eye frost resistance, under the trend of specialization and differentiation, every segment category gestates great market opportunities. Reported that recently, pearl raya first double small night light eye frost resistance and landing Tmall little black box, this period was sold 50000 +, Tmall little black box on the time to make popular product.

it is understood that the pearl new pairs of small night light eye frost resistance and firming Tmall little black box of new start, in social media, media in electric business platform, the industry has received the widespread attention and discussion, as high as 3. 100 million the network reading, 2. 74 million + users to discuss.

in the strength of the brand beauty industry, with this kind of sales, in addition to the awareness of the brand, product use effect is very good.

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