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Colour makeup generation processing | not like toothpaste toothpaste

by:Kazshow     2020-09-20

makeup product in the United States market, product updates fast, the product is becoming more and more distinctive, some brand ideas & other; Imagination & throughout; , make-up co-packer below small make up take you know together.

there is a brand founded in 2018 overturned on the intrinsic cognition of toothpaste, toothpaste into skin care products, toothpaste and other From solid to liquid & throughout; The taste of toothpaste, also launched caviar. When more and more advanced players enter the oral care sectors, oral care this is not the same as the traditional chemical category collision out more new concepts and new products.

OOA: when the toothpaste into & other; Capsule & throughout;

brand is a total of 4 SKU, including teeth cleaning pen, mouthwash, toothpaste, currently only in the online channel sales. In terms of product research and development, OOA puts forward the concept of ecology, shouted out & other; Efficacy after balance, first & throughout; Oral bacteria, the balance of slogan, through oral maintenance functions.

YOUMORN oxygen morning: packaging creates social attribute

brand is currently a total of 11 SKU, including: toothpaste, mouth spray, mouthwash, washing powders, disinfectant. On Tmall flagship store, star item monthly sales at around 3000.

on the concept of the product, oxygen morning like OOA is also a main micro ecology, by probiotics + anion oral microecological balance.

in the morning of oxygen on the package because the mouthwash made into the shape of a milk tea on social media to harvest a batch of traffic.

in all of the daily chemical products, oral care products is the only thing in the mouth, and other products more emphasis on the sense of smell and skin feeling, but the mouth of supplies into the mouth, it will bring taste memory.

unlike toothpaste toothpaste, more than the two small make up feel is a very interesting product, in not like toothpaste toothpaste still exist many unique products.

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