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Colour makeup generation processing | new beauty makeup brand marketing for the private domain

by:Kazshow     2020-09-16

beauty makeup industry prospects, believe a lot of friends have seen, but to run a new brand, how to play the private domain? The following colour makeup small make up together and you know the co-packer.

but this year, electric business platform, social media flow dividends are no longer, new brands such as bamboo shoots MaoJian constantly. And what is the private domain? The most obvious is that through social media directly facing the user completes the services, including basic after-sales, have the interaction between temperature and product optimization, and even deep links. So the ability of the private domain, the new account is congenital advantage, less than the private domain in show skill is not a pity?

after we this period of time of observation and understanding, found the new brand does not disappoint, now almost industry could say name brands, are without exception in the private domain.

private domain because category in different operations in different ways, which can be roughly divided into three types: parity cosmetics, skin care, a guard.

below parity for one to know about the makeup product.

because of the characteristic of the parity make-up, it is a trial and error cost is low, the partial impulse spending, second have social attribute, the third don't have to worry about with similar skin care of personal physical differences, causing subsequent maintenance costs, fit in the form of a community.

daily cosmetics group, the content of key word is good. In addition to pleasing products and makeup product photos, the extent of the high frequency almost every day to see.

so play the private domain, need according to the properties of the product, to make precise marketing, in view of the different products, to develop different marketing, is the key to promote new brands.

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