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Colour makeup generation processing | makeup industry data can promote development in the United States?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-24

now is the time when the data is king, for data analysis is to be able to promote the development of the industry, beauty makeup product industry also is such, data promote the development of the industry. Colour makeup co-packer below small make up take you know together.

data has gradually become one of the main driving force of beauty industry. Different size, different business beauty makeup companies are through data technology to find their foothold in the market. Data appears to be a technology revolution, but the waves of the ground floor, but shows an industry one of the most important question: keep the communication with consumers, no matter in any era, is the focus of the business can't ignore.

good at application of big data, is the beauty makeup product brand. They not only image make decisions based on data for social networks, more by working backward consumer data, product development and marketing.

Olay's 24 (Retinol Regeneration of 24 series) Is a typical case. P&g's north American brand Olay director Eric Gruen, says Olay is one of the advocates of using data for product development, but not before they also walked many detours. The brand in 2000 and 2010 have had a good performance, but because they failed to keep up with the direction of market development, market began to decline. “ Consumers say we were & lsquo; The old lady oil & rsquo; ,“ Gruen, & other; When we find other staff to help build our brand, procter & gamble they will think we are crazy. ”

this dilemma for a period of time, until 2016, the sales volume of Olay continues to decline. But as Olay gradually implement the strategy of digital in the work process, and to the consumer demand of skin care routine after a better understanding. The brand launched Olay Skin Advisor, a web-based tools designed to help people know the products of the most suitable for their Skin.

the tool can also help p&g collecting data and shaping the brand strategy. When users take, & other; Intelligent algorithm & throughout; Immediately start, five to seven asks the user questions, on the condition of the skin for this application can show his age the skin. Gruen call this process & other; Gaming ( Gamification) Time & throughout; , and said so brand also received more attention.

in the end, Olay began to offer customized products to each customer is recommended. Gruen, says Olay Skin Advisor launched after a few years time, has collected more than 6 million data points, this also caused huge impact to their product development.

in the era of big data, so want to grasp the direction, any industry needs to be based on data analysis, can have a great development.

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