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Colour makeup generation processing | Kylie was removed from Forbes, suspected of financial fraud

by:Kazshow     2020-09-12

and beauty makeup product brand was removed from the Forbes billionaire Kylie, suspected of financial fraud, the specific situation how, make-up co-packer below small make up take you know together.

at the time of last Friday, Forbes reported Kylie Jenner from Forbes billionaires list of news, the reason is because beauty makeup product brand misleading financial information.

Kylie and her mother in the last year for Forbes file, exaggerated her company Kylie Cosmetics. Based on this new information, plus Covid - 19 to hairdressing stocks and consumer spending, Forbes now believe that Kylie Jenner even from coty trading, the company bought this year after-tax estimated at 3. $400 million in revenue, but also is no longer a billionaire.

according to Forbes reports, although cannot prove that these files are fake, but after estimate the income and net assets of Kylie, obviously, the company has been cheating on outsiders. Kylie brand in the founding family size and not the claim external generally big, since 2016, Kylie has been lying, the company's existing in the accounting tax returns false number.

the outbreak of this incident is due to the submission of new content, the company recently collected privately with reporters publicly available to shareholders of obvious differences between information. In the report was released, the latter shares tumbled 13% on the day on Friday, closing price 3. 63 dollars.

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