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Colour makeup generation processing | guangzhou live beautiful skin treasure live take goods at random

by:Kazshow     2020-09-25

section in guangzhou recently opened a live broadcast, live in this festival, gathered in the numerous web celebrity, what's the impressive? Colour makeup co-packer below small make up take you know together.

take, for instance, beautiful skin treasure to live in this section, success with cargo is at random, in the main venue live day, beautiful skin, in collaboration with the present popular red treasure, live, face film stars such as single promotion bask in article.

beauty makeup product brand also live in the army, is done in full swing. Such as we are familiar with the domestic professional sunscreen brand beautiful skin, treasure the present, live online has become a beautiful skin treasure in the forefront of promotion is prevented bask in a product.

after the outbreak, electricity live be stimulating domestic demand, promoting social cash flow super sales channels. Officials have also given the affirmation, from CCTV to all levels of government, began to live through the promotion of various products.

- June 6 8, the linkage in guangzhou district first held the first platform for city live with cargo section & ndash; — First live guangzhou section, the domestic main electric business platform and more than 80 live MCN agencies are involved in the festival, live within three days of time more than 200000 games, with more than 100000 categories of goods.

at the same time, all the electric business platform during the live broadcast of the cumulative distribution of more than 1 billion yuan red envelopes, guangzhou each big businesses and brands on the broadcast section also launched the year discount goods, products, and products.

beautiful skin treasure as a guangzhou native beauty makeup brand, of course will not miss the live broadcast by the guangzhou municipal government awards.

beautiful skin treasure involved in guangzhou & other; Small pretty waist & throughout; The main and huangpu at the venue. Live among them, the main venue, beautiful skin and zhu bo treasure nowadays popular reds cooperation, around the beautiful skin sunscreen, mask ace products such as live with goods.

beautiful skin treasure water BoQing through isolation sunscreen lotion SPF50PA + + +, beautiful skin light and thin spray PA++ SPF50 + +, and beautiful skin treasure gold peptide tyra ShuWen face film stars such as sheet is tasted, appearance on the broadcast section.

a substantial portion of the back group, beautiful skin treasure has now through business channels, provides a solid foundation for live business. In addition, the beautiful skin treasure to layout also each big electric business platform, including Tmall, jingdong, Vipshop, amazon and other major platforms, and many can manage digital fu, also with the trill, quickly, the little red book and other social media platform to establish cooperation.

on March 28, beautiful skin treasure in tencent & other; Watch live & throughout; Platform & other; Sun festival & throughout; Online live broadcast. 3. Five hours of live in the process, watch online total people break through 740000, nearly thousands of stores for offline also implements the drainage effect. In tencent is the private domain platform can obtain large amount of hundreds of thousands of online watch, beautiful skin treasure own brand appeal is self-evident.

online live is now a beautiful skin treasure daily configuration of marketing, brand official account for professional knowledge sharing with dry class goods, popular science is prevented bask in combination of knowledge and selling products. At the same time, the joint stars, platform anchor, KOL blessing for the brand, including skin treasure brand spokesman hu day, Mao Xiaotong and sing a song, hu can be a star, and my son baby, Zhang Mofan, small, such as red, the trill, quickly, read WeChat, taobao live platform for brand and take the goods.

star/red attract traffic, professional skin care knowledge & other; Fact-finding mission & throughout; Mammal, along with the benefits discount, beautiful skin treasure to live with goods and tie-in combination has obviously apply astonishingly, realize the normal operation.

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