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Colour makeup generation processing | estee lauder performance decline, plans to cut

by:Kazshow     2020-09-09

in 2020, is a special year, affected by the epidemic, sales performance is better, plans to close part of the outlets, planned layoffs, below small make up together and you know the colour makeup generation plant.

20 August, estee lauder report as of June 30, 2020 fiscal year and the fourth quarter. Affected by the outbreak of the new champions league, estee lauder performance under a certain impact. Q4 net sales 24. 300 million dollars ( About 16. 8 billion yuan) The net loss, 4. 5. 9 billion dollars ( $31. 700 million yuan) 。

makeup product, in addition to the la mer and Kilian, all brands of cosmetics net sales fell. Affected more by new crown outbreak of colour makeup product, especially foundation and lip makeup product colour makeup, cosmetics sales continue to weak in most markets.

estee lauder said that due to the blocking measures hit consumers' demand for cosmetics, plan global workforce of 1500 to 2000, accounting for about 3% of the total number of its employees.

in addition, as consumers increasingly turn to online purchase, estee lauder plans to shut down between 10% and 15% well-catalogued outlets, and is expected to spend 4 to $500 million ( About 27-3. 4 billion RMB) Spending on such as consolidation.

this is the beauty makeup brand has affected many, have turned to online way out. So the online sales of rapid increase of sales.

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