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Colour makeup generation processing | estee lauder online strong double-digit growth

by:Kazshow     2020-09-09

for estee lauder, is a more familiar with the brand, the brand in the recently released quarterly results, online growth is strong, colour makeup product co-packer below small make up take you know together.

on May 1, elegant shi landai group, Esté e Lauder Cos. ) Published in the year to March 31 of the third quarter of fiscal 2020 earnings, net sales fell 11% from a year for 33. 500 million dollars ( About 238 RMB. 500 million yuan) , a net loss of $6 million ( RMB 42. 72 million) , in the same period last year net profit of 5. 5. 5 billion dollars ( $39. 500 million yuan) 。

because the outbreak, estee lauder's biggest growth engines & ndash; — Travel retail and the Chinese market has suffered serious impact.

freda says estee lauder brand, Darphin and Le Labo is the quarter strong growth momentum, Dr. The parent of Jart + Have & amp; 是有限公司 Contribution to sales growth of 2%, in addition to the brand growth, the group has also appeared in online sales double-digit growth, and travel retail market in China has also rebounded.

in is affected by the epidemic, and stores the impact is not small, but the online online presents a hot phenomenon, also can saying is the impact of this is to further promote the changes of sales channels.

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