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Colour makeup generation processing | estee lauder group store fully recover the business in China

by:Kazshow     2020-09-14

on April 8, wuhan has lifted a formal control channel, on this day estee lauder group also released a major announced that its brands fully restored about thousands of stores and counters, including wuhan, normal business. Colour makeup product generation processing factory below small make up take you to look at.

estee lauder group brands including LA killing, Tom Ford Beauty, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown, estee lauder, DKNY, M· 一个? C, the source of wood, clinique, etc more than 20 brands.

estee lauder on April 8 in WeChat public announcement said, in order to support the national stores and counters, resumption of its business group take the corresponding measures, including a requirement that store employees wear mask during work, strengthen the stores disinfection, increase the sterilization frequency. Staff need to use transparent rubber gloves and avoid direct contact with customers. After each receive a customer, is their own hand disinfection, all customer contact with product and material use alcohol to clean. At the same time, stores and counters will be equipped with a thermometer, masks and disinfectant, such as protective equipment, and set up health information records, etc.

in the Chinese market, since most of estee lauder brand stores and counters in shopping malls and shopping centers, shopping malls during the outbreak of epidemic prevention measures the decline of the passenger flow and forced the closure of estee lauder some stores and counters. Meanwhile, estee lauder online, epidemic joint stores to live on the counter, code on epidemic prevention, etc.

estee lauder counters, resumption of its business in cosmetics market is also a very good news.

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