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Black eye shadow wholesale | abroad create beauty makeup brand were to buy?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-22
Because of the racial discrimination in the United States, led to a big parade. A chance of racial discrimination, some black made-up beauty makeup product brand or be acquired, eye shadow wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Racial discrimination in the United States have always existed, from all walks of life can be showed the related news, including in the Beauty industry, sephora last year s alleged discrimination against the black singer's news is all, and until recent years, Fenty Beauty caused & other No. 40 powder color & throughout; The agitation, each big beauty makeup product companies scramble to begin to to introduce products suitable for their skin color. A multi-ethnic oriented brand of big companies themselves or buy color brand is to further deepen the contact between the ethnic consumers. But in fact, in the past ten years, big companies create brand acquisition case on people of color are numbered: in 2014, l 'oreal acquired Carol’ S Daughter, at that time the brand's annual sales of $27 million. In 2017, bought a $1. 6 billion unilever Shea Moisture Sundia parent company; In 2018, procter & gamble in 20 million to $40 million to buy a colored personal care companies in the United States Walker & amp; 有限公司 ; Last year, The MAV Brands bought created a $24. 4 million sales The manee Choice. Owns more than buy very few cases, color brand in early financing also will encounter greater difficulties, such as for black women of colour makeup brand Mented Cosmetics in financing for the first time, founder of questioning more than 80 venture capital companies, but many companies refused. It also brought difficulty to develop large-scale start-ups, which of the following is to introduce the five beauty makeup product brand established by black women, most of them has been established for four to five years, in the mature waiting to be bought.
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