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by:Kazshow     2020-09-22

innovation is a must, so in the beauty industry is equally applicable, how to grasp the direction of the innovation instead? Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up take you know together.

take a look at how BOBORE Anita said that actually hand cream for girls, its brand factors are relatively weak, and most girls have more than one hand cream. Therefore, the concept of product when it listed flagship lovers hand cream. Such as boys are printed on the pull in product You have, and me, the girl will be printed with the I have nothing, but You to bundle the two hand cream, and gain high praise and recognition in the market. For hand cream, it is difficult to carry out innovation in from the raw material, but finished differentiation through the marketing concept and the scene, so as to realize product innovation. ”

Anita also introduced to: & other; At present our innovation is extended based on consumer insight and innovation, and the innovation of the category segment. So at the beginning of the product research and development to consider the marketing differentiation on product content. ” Another hot item as BOBORE & ndash; — Cheese cheese sticks, through the topic guide to build the life scene, and extend the fire & other; Cut blue & throughout; Lipstick, for of obtaining the product called & other; Cut & sweet throughout; 。 In fact this two models of fire is accurate grasp of consumer psychology, through relationship quality positioning, then good example of precision marketing. For this product, Thomas also suggests: & other; Cut in the sweet scent of definition is fuzzy to a certain extent, Chinese culture can not accurately describe the scent, brand to give consumers familiar cognitive point. But for the young consumers, today's experience more, for future more scent being applied is foreseeable. ”

so on the new beauty makeup product brand, in addition to product requires innovation, also need to innovation in marketing is also very important, only in this way a new brand can realize corner overtaking.

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