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2017 the Shanghai beauty expo wei curtain colour makeup pavilion popularity beyond skin pavilion show colour makeup trends for the first time

by:Kazshow     2020-09-23
34 countries and regions in the world, 17 large exhibition hall, more than 3000 exhibitors, 10000 brands, 22nd China beauty expo in what interests you most? Foreign young model shows, colour makeup division live demonstration makeup look, northeast type & other; Shouted matt & throughout; Preheat the scene & hellip; … The colour makeup pavilion and usual very busy this year. Round carefully, find that colour makeup pavilion as Liu Xiyi verse says: each New Year flower similar, Bess & other; People throughout the &; Different. of lively is similar, but each year cosmetics pavilion are revealed different cosmetics trend information. “ This year is still hot there must be a lipstick in category. ” Vov Lin Guoji brand marketing vice general manager under the overall trend of observation make-up pavilion, to such a conclusion. As the first Chinese cosmetics brand, blue show also in lipstick category in recent years has made a kung fu. , lip makeup product glaze line significantly elongated, lipstick makeup category momentum. as make-up, main product category are the inevitable choices each brand to colour makeup product, in numerous brand competition in the field of lipstick makeup, prove market cake large enough. series products also from traditional wax product grinds into air cushion, seal, etc. , but the mainstream is still not change, decided the be fond of of consumer market brands launching products direction. So in this year's makeup pavilion with red, also make makeup pavilion beyond skin pavilion pavilion red. After an aesthetic fracture is neither long nor short period after the Chinese women's aesthetic consciousness and independent consciousness began to rise, the cosmetics category, consumers begin to use a more critical eye to look at, cosmetics market and therefore more attention to the positioning of colour makeup attributes. Relative to customize, make IP figure hunger marketing environment and, in general, the fair this year on the cosmetics brand more & other; Teasing & throughout; The consumers. More than output make-up concept to consumer, but also throw in make-up value feeling and attitude to life, the Chinese cosmetics market brand began to consider more.

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