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2017 brought a wave of cosmetics in the Chinese popular tall colour makeup is tasted

by:Kazshow     2020-09-01
The market in 2017, popular trend, unpredictable, let a lot of people can't figure out. Tide restoring ancient ways with alternate, luxury and economical cycle. Cosmetics, high-end and low price, also is your I. A few years ago only felt the terminal cheap makeup good momentum, at once, the tall on the make-up and physicality.

a few years ago, low colour makeup is popular, is favored, makes sense. Because when the circulation makeup occupy most of the market. A lot of young consumer groups, the concept of brand consumption is not strong. Good condition, and pursues the principle of pragmatism. Also many young consumer groups, because the income is not high, the price sensitivity is high, so in favor of lower prices for cosmetics brand. In addition, the vast three or four lines and the following market, large base, the restriction of the consumption ability, also welcomed the low-price of cosmetics products. Also was born the lentil, makeup, it brands such as concentration, and the effect of the market feedback is good. But only a few years time, before high feel ridiculous products, is now gradually been accepted. Lancer, Ellie, for example, in five or six years ago, a lipstick makeup or eyelash to cream frequently controlled yuan price, many people think that is a joke. Could not accept many branches, so sales have been no too big breakthrough, because the international brand lancome is just such a price. But times have changed, the price is now accustomed to make a lot of people, the brand sales are growing by leaps and bounds. Brand consumption trend appeared on the tall. Similarly, it is not only the cosmetics products, series of washing liquid, too. Before such as shampoo, pantene, procter & gamble company and c-bons wind shadow and so on dozens of yuan price, let consumer feel much. As a result, procter & gamble introduced 9 9 rejoice, directly to block the low-end shampoo, which reversed transmission from low-end to high-end domestic shampoo brand. Now do a wash hair product friend told me that his product to a customer can consume up to 500 yuan of above, just shampoo from departure film salon classes, such as in the past few years, this is unthinkable. Thus, with the development of domestic economy, the ability of consumers is also growing. On the tall are coming this way. What aspects of colour makeup lofty greatness? Here the author to do a analysis of the first is the price high. High prices come from two aspects. It is because with the development of economy, the improvement of consumer spending power, itself high demand, high-end products, to improve the quality of life as well as the superiority. Of shampoo in the example above, for example, not only is the cosmetics, clothing, diet are higher, this is the result of market demand. One more thing, is the cost of pressure, forcing the brand price ascension, to tall. The original raw material costs, labor costs, marketing costs, not increase year by year. Costs rise, make a lot of businessmen have to launch a high-priced products. A lot of makeup brand positioning of vw, also began to introduce is controlled yuan products. Such as introducing the yami posture snail BB cream reached 168 yuan, some enterprises priced at more than 200 yuan. Is this reason. Followed by the atmosphere, the international brand the sense that gives a person is atmospheric contracted, contracted and not simple, this is the slogan of some brand clothing, this words say it all. Behind the simple simple, is the brand quality, paid for carve perfect brand, pay attention to detail and very beauty. Cosmetics brand, want to make the atmosphere now, want to improve their image, often entered a misunderstanding. Before is all pink, homogeneity serious, is almost the same. With euphemistically called enhanced image, and change all the black, think that black can highlight atmosphere. This is very one-sided, easy to enter the hutongs of homogeneity. Black while give a person the sense with simple and mysterious, but the color is too heavy, for colour makeup product this kind of fashion, are lively enough. Use is not good, give a person the sense with dead, can let a person feel depressed, it will damage the healthy image of the brand, especially should pay attention to it. Also is to grade. Grade of the product is not only a higher price. From the entire product, counters, such as image to improve, the entire product, the enterprise culture of plump, have grade. Many factors, the most important is the elements of culture, to grade must, from the perspective of the culture, also need time to precipitation, otherwise you have money, can packaging is the nouveau riche, XX is not noble. Three generations of cultivate a generation of noble, that is to say the truth. This includes two aspects, one is external, good image, low-key luxury. Although one is internal, inside collect cultural taste great. And that the two factors is not achieved overnight, need time and culture of precipitation and carve.

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